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The Ultimate Hunting Rig – A Home Away From Home

As a DIY public land hunter, I have learned that your ultimate hunting rig is a crucial piece to hunting comfort and success. The money I do have I spend on tags and gas, not hotels and lodges. My gas bills alone during the fall will make most…
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Orvis Helios 2 5WT Giveaway – $800 value!

So, you want to get your hands on one of Montana Wild's Orvis Helios Two 5WT fly rods huh? We don't blame ya. Did we mention it's seen a fish or two in it's day? Used in our world renowned film Bucknasty Browns, this 9 foot 5WT badass piece…


Without further ado, it's our pleasure to release our latest fly fishing film, SKWALHALLA. Filmed over the past three years, SKWALHALLA is all about big bugs, big eats, and good times on the river with the boys. Sit back, relax, and enjoy 21…
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Bucknasty Browns II Kickstarter Follow Up

First off I'd like to say Thank You to all 127 people who backed our Kickstarter!  Your support means a lot and goes a long way in helping us create future films.  Unfortunately we didn't meet our goal on Kickstarter and you will not be charged…
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SKWALHALLA Simms G4 Pro Tactical Hip Pack Giveaway

From 2015 - 2017 we spent many days on the water trying to not only hit the Skwala Stonefly hatch juuuust right, but to also capture the hatch on film in all of it's glory. Filmed and edited with cutting edge camera equipment and software, and…
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SKWALHALLA – Why It Took 3 Years to Film

This week we dropped our trailer for our film SKWALHALLA.  You can read more about the hatch and film HERE.  If you missed it here is the trailer: We really started fishing the hatch in 2012. …
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SKWALHALLA – All about the hatch and our upcoming film

Winter is long in most of the West.  Many fisherman have gone months without handling a fly rod and have either went into full hibernation or have been busy tying flies for the upcoming spring.  Late January and early February the temps…
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Top 10 Bucknasty Brown Eats

Watch the Top 10 Bucknasty Brown eats from the original film. Want to see more Bucknasty Brown trout eats? Support our Bucknasty Browns 2 film by clicking here: BUCKNASTY BROWNS II We are 25% of the way to…
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$12K?! Cost Breakdown of Bucknasty Browns II

$12K for a fishing film?! Some may see our goal on the Kickstarter and think that number is high, but in reality that number is low! Shooting a six week, high-quality production Internationally takes lots of money. Below is our cost breakdown…
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Our amazing fans have been insistent in asking for a second Bucknasty Browns film and we are here to deliver, but we need your help. This film project will be documenting a Do-It-Yourself trip to one of the greatest brown trout destinations…