Low down on the Clark Fork

After a short hiatus from fishing we decided to jump back into the swing of things on the lower Clark Fork with our friend Trevor who runs flyfishingwest.  The plan was to get a morning float in due to the fact that we needed to work that evening,…

Bow vs. Bear continued

Spring in Montana.  It brings beauty and beast to the western half of the state each and every year.  Mostly it's been beast.  Since Travis killed his bear, we've been blasted with rain almost every day.  The state of the weather flips…

Missouri River Madness

5:30 came a little to early but the chance to fish got me out of bed after only a couple snoozes.  With the local rivers looking nice and brown, we decided to hit up the Missouri River with our good friend Jeff and get a couple days of…

Valley Gold Video

Here is the latest of our hunting edits.  Zack did an amazing job filming and editing the footage. Check it out! More awesome hunting edits in the near future! -Travis

From the editing booth

Finishing up the final touches to our most recent video.  We'll be taking you along as we drop four coyotes in a few short hours on the last day of our 3 day hunt on the Hi-Line. As you can see there are a lot of cuts to putting together…

Valley Gold

We started up the truck and finished grabbing our gear.  Camo on, calls ready, and a full clip of bullets.  It was day one of a three day trip to Central Montana to become the hunted.  We would be calling coyotes in open coulee country in…