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After a short hiatus from fishing we decided to jump back into the swing of things on the lower Clark Fork with our friend Trevor who runs flyfishingwest.  The plan was to get a morning float in due to the fact that we needed to work that evening, damn jobs.  We met out at Wheat Montana where I ordered a very tasty cinnamon roll to get things going in the right direction for the day.

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Now I’ve never fished this stretch before, but the word is that streamers usually work best early morning.  Well we didn’t have much success with that.  After getting harassed because I had a “pike” streamer on and working through a few different patterns, we didn’t even succeed in getting a little nibble.  Good thing I still had half of that cinnamon roll to eat.  There was basically zero TOPWATER action.  Apparently this term is for bass fishing only according to Trevor.  We’ll probably use it till we die and soon were resorting to calling our bobbers buoys just to keep things a little edgy.  We tried a variety of flies, I mean lures and got a few small, uneducated fish to eat.  Overall things were pretty slow, and the most excitement came from Trevor yelling at us angry guide style, giving us casting and rowing lessons, and Travis taking a little gel coat off the Clacka.  I pretty much had a grand old time in the back of the boat with the shirt off catching some Vitamin D.  I let Travis and Trevor fight it out for fisherman of the day.  Finally about 300 yards from the takeout Travis had his buoy go under and he set the hook on a nice rainbow.  After some yelling and vigorous rowing we were able to land the small beast before we were swept downstream into some burly Class IVXVII rapids.

Rainbow trout

I guess that made the day better? I dunno I was to busy looking at stonefly nymphs that keep the trout happy.

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Even thought he fishing was slow I’m sure we will be back.  The lower stretch is know for it’s evening caddis hatches, and we’ll be down there one of these days trying to see what it’s all about and hopefully running into a few rising fish.