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Christmas is just around the corner and to help you shop for that special someone we’ve put together a list of 12 items that we think absolutely rock and would be great presents for any outdoorsman that might make their way onto your shopping list.  We present the 2017 12 Days of Christmas Hunting Gift Guide!

#1 – FITS Socks ($23.99)

Serious hunters know that good socks are always worth having.  Keeping your feet happy makes all the difference on those tough hunts.  We have been wearing the Light Hunter this fall and they fit amazing, are durable, and have kept our feet happy on 13+ mile days in the mountains.

FIT socks, socks, hunting, light hunter

#2 – Phoneskope (~$30)

We have had a Phoneskope for years now and can’t imagine being in the field without them.  Being able to film through your spotter or binos is a great way to capture some amazing shots and memories from your time in the field.  Snaps into place easy and weighs nothing.

phoneskope, hunting, filming

#3 – Kifaru Gun Bearer ($31)

Carrying a rifle all day in the field can wear you down especially if your rifle weighs 10+ pounds.  Kifaru developed the Gun Bearer to solve having to re-sling your rifle over your shoulder 10,000 times per day and frees up both hands so you can glass with your binos or use trekking poles to navigate the sketchiest of terrain.

Kifaru, Gun Bearer, rifle, hunting, accessories

#4 – HSM Trophy Gold Ammo (~$45)

The Hunting Shack is located in Stevensville Montana and their Trophy Gold ammunition has proven to be deadly and extremely accurate.  We’ve taking plenty of big game animals over the years with this ammo and would recommend it to anyone.

hunting shack, hsm, ammo, ammunition, hunting

#5 – Outdoor Research Men’s Sequence L/S Zip Top ($69)

This is the best base layer we’ve worn, hands down.  From early season archery hunts to late season rifle missions the Sequence L/S Zip Top is the favorite.  Merging the best qualities of merino wool and the quick drying benefit of polyester this is all an exceptional hunting piece but can also be worn doing just about anything from cutting wood, smashing some powder or going out for a night on the town.

outdoor research, base layer, best, hunting, montana, elk, deer

#6 – Outdoor Research Crocodile Gaiters ($85)

Hunt long enough and you’ll need a good pair of gaiters.  The OR Crocodile Gaiters are the best in the world in our opinion and for good reason.  They work and they last.  Whether it’s deep snow, mud, creek crossings, wet underbrush, these have you covered.  Grab a pair and enjoy dry feet on the nastiest days.

Outdoor Research, gaiters, hunting, best

#7 – FHF Gear Bino Harness PRO ($105)

You have to carry your binos somehow in the field and the FHF Gear Bino Harness PRO is the best we’ve found.  Protects your glass yet makes quick and reliable access a breeze.  Grab a rangefinder pouch and you’re set for any hunt!

FHF Gear, bino, harness, hunting, hunting gift guide

#8 – Option Archery Quivalizer ($195)

We got the chance to try these on our bows this fall and both Travis and myself won’t be taking them off any time soon.  Hold on target easier with the Quivalizer.  The quiver acts as a long stabilizer and gets the weight of your bow in-line with your riser and string.  We shot better groups right away.  Multiple ways to mount the quiver to your bow makes any carry style easy.

Option Archery, quivalizer, bow stabilizer, hunting, archery

#9 – Sitka Gear Drifter Duffel ($149-229)

Hunting trips often mean bringing extra gear and storing them properly can be an issue.  The Sitka Drifter Duffel makes carrying extra layers and small items a breeze with their durable and highly water resistant bags.

Sitka Gear, drifter duffel, duffel bag, hunting

#10 – Garmin inReach ($399-449)

The ability to two-way text from anywhere in the world as well as send out a SOS that sends search and rescue to your location is a piece of gear that brings comfort to your next hunting trip and your friends and family at home who might be worried about your safety.  The Garmin inReach is a must for those who hunt solo.  We don’t leave home without this piece of gear.

Garmin inReach, Hunting Gift Guide

#11 – Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Non-Ins Boots ($455)

Known as some of the best hunting boots on the market, the Mountain Extremes  have proven to be comfortable and durable in any conditions we’ve been able to throw at them.  A good pair of boots is worth the money.

Kenetrek, mountain extreme, hunting boots

#12 – Vortex Optics Razor HD 10×50 Binoculars ($1289.99)

Without good binos your putting yourself at a disadvantage when hunting open country out West.  The quality of glass is amazing in the Razor HD 10×50’s especially in low-light and they are extremely durable.  Throw in their industry leading VIP Warranty and you might never buy another pair of binos again.

Vortex Optics, razor hd, binos, hunting

vortex optics, razor hd, binos, hunting gift guide

Thanks for reading through our 2017 Hunting Gift Guide!

Written by Zack Boughton