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Most people don’t know when or where Montana Wild started making videos.  Growing up Zack and myself were addicted to skiing, to say the least.  We slowly started bringing along our parents camcorder and started putting together small ski edits, just for fun.  After having a serious injury in 2008 (torn kidney & spleen), my outlook on my passion of skiing had shifted slightly. After the injury I found my new passions, hunting and fly fishing.  It wasn’t until 2011 that I decided I wanted to get into filming and photographing our hunting and fly fishing escapades.  Since making the switch from skiing to hunting and fly fishing, I have not had the chance to get back to the mountains and shred the slopes as I had just a few years ago.  This past week I decided I was going to go skiing.  I made plans, met up with my friend Justin and hit the road to Lost Trail, ready to take on my first day in 2013.

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We arrived to a bluebird sky.   Justin and I were excited we would have bomber weather for our Sunday funday.  The snow looked fairly skied out, but I’ve been to Lost Trail enough to know there are still secret stashes of pow to be found on the mountain.

first drop, skiing, montana, newschoolers, scott, polesThe first run I was a little rusty, but I could feel my legs quickly getting more comfortable skiing.  It was time to search for the freshies.  We headed to chair 4, where I was reminded how slow that lift is, but we eventually made it to the summit.

first drop, skiing, montana, k2, wild, lost trail

We skied the long route to one of my favorite runs, which will remain nameless.  It features two large rock pillows, which can make for some endless air borne options.  We lapped the run multiple times, not getting enough of the hidden powder run.

lost trail, montana, skiing, powder, resort, pillows, k2Justin decided he wanted to step aside and try his hand at taking some photos.  We traversed to a little known cliff at Lost Trail, checked the setup, and sent it.

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We had an amazing day.  I was hoping for a deep pow day, but  I can’t complain, sun, soft snow, and good friends are hard to beat.  I find that there are too many hobbies that I truly enjoy in Montana.  Montana is truly for badasses.